Health Insurance for International Students

For information on the USF-sponsored health insurance plan, including benefits, cost, and claims, visit Student Health Plan.


Population Registered Units Requirement
All international students One (1) unit or more Automatically enrolled and charged for health insurance

Open Enrollment/Waiver Periods

  • Fall semester: June 6 through September 1
  • Spring semester: November 25 through February 1


All international students registered for one unit or more will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the USF-endorsed health insurance plan. Create an Account now to get access to your online account and health insurance ID card.


Students who have a health insurance plan comparable to or better than the USF- endorsed health insurance may request to waive the health insurance requirement during the open waiver period.

To waive the insurance requirement, your insurance plan must be comparable to or better than the USF-endorsed Health insurance plan.

If a student's health coverage is dropped it is the student's responsibility to contact Health Promotion Services to discuss their options at or (415) 422-5797.