Substance Use Assessment

Students who are mandated by USF to receive a clinical assessment for concerns with alcohol or another drug at CAPS are usually required to attend three sessions (an assessment session with a CAPS therapist and two additional sessions to be determined by the student and therapist, which may entail further CAPS sessions, 12-step meetings, substance use educational sessions, or other resources). Depending on a client’s presenting difficulties, a referral for additional therapy at CAPS or off campus may be recommended. If you are contacting CAPS for a mandated assessment, please let our staff know this is your reason for coming when you ask to set up an appointment.

We encourage students who are mandated for a substance assessment to schedule their initial appointment early rather than wait until their deadline for completion. Due to heavy demand at CAPS, mandated students have lower priority for CAPS appointments when there is a waiting list for services. We are happy to furnish mandated students with appropriate referrals to providers off campus if needed. Please note that CAPS does not provide court-mandated assessment or therapy.


Self-Assessment Tools

Alcohol eCHECKUP and Marijuana eCHECKUP are self-assessment tools that provide you with accurate and personalized feedback about:

  • Your individual drinking patterns/marijuana use
  • Your risk patterns
  • Your aspirations and goals and how they are impacted by substance use
  • Helpful resources at USF and in the community