Echo360 FAQs

Echo360 is our lecture capture solution for faculty and students at USF. It is one of the leading vendors and was chosen for its ease of use and powerful features.

With Echo360, instructors can automatically record their class lectures and presentations by completing a short form. After that, faculty can focus on their class without needing to interact with the recording hardware as everything is automated. Sharing these videos with students is also extremely simple.

The interactive list embedded below indicates classrooms that support automated lecture capture via the Echo360 platform at USF's Hilltop Campus. Click here to access the AirTable in a new window.

To request Echo360 recordings in one of these rooms, visit the ITS Reservations webform.

You will be notified when your request has been entered into the system. After that, Echo360 recordings are completely automated. Your recording will begin and end promptly and automatically.

After the class session ends, the recording is uploaded and compressed for web streaming. When the processing is complete, an email is sent to the instructor with links to the Echo360 site. Login with your myUSF credentials and you'll find all of your videos under the "Library" tab. The finished recordings can be shared in a variety of ways and can also be linked to your Canvas course.

Instructors can also request Echo360 Personal Capture, which records presentations through software on the presenter's computer. This allows an instructor to create presentations anywhere and any time and publish them online. The system records what is shown on the screen and supports external microphones and cameras.

This service is now available as a site license for all faculty, staff and students. Please contact the ITT at for more information.

Lecture capture can contribute to improved comprehension and retention of classroom instruction. Particularly for classes that cover a large amount of difficult or technical material, the ability for students to return to a recording of a particular class and review the presentation is extremely valuable.

The use of lecture capture can increase student participation in the classroom. If students know they can review the material after class, they will focus less on taking notes and focus more on engaging in the course.

Students can easily record presentations for classes as part of assignments and also make them available for their classmates to critique and review.

Recordings of guest speakers and presenters can be made and used for subsequent courses.

Additional resources

To request an Echo360 recording or account, visit the ITS Reservations webform. Email for all other inquiries, including course creation and making changes to your reservation.

To learn more about the Echo360 platform and schedule a training, contact the ITT: or visit Gleeson Lower Level, G02.

For technical assistance, contact the ITS Help Desk at (415) 422-6668 or via the ITS Service Portal.