Echo360 Lecture Capture

Educational Technology Services (ETS) provides two solutions for recording classroom instruction and large events on campus: Echo360 Lecture Capture and Media Services videographers.

Visit this page to learn more about Media Services.

Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 is a set of technologies available in select classrooms. It is an automated system that records all computer presentations as well as the AV from microphones and a video camera. The finished product can be streamed to any computer or mobile device, posted automatically to your Canvas course, and easily shared with others.

LCSI G12, 103, 209, 210, 303
Cowell 312
ED 010, 201
Harney G56
Lone Mountain 244A, 351
Malloy Hall LL4
Gleeson Library 139, 213, 220
Downtown Campus 154, 155, 156, 450, 451, 452, 453, 527 , 529
School of Law: Kendrick 100

If you are scheduled to teach in an Echo360 classroom, you can request a recording on the request form.

Echo360 Active Learning Platform

Once you have captured your content, you can share, distribute, and manage that content through the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.

Universal Capture-Personal

Echo360 Universal Capture is a software you can install on your Mac or PC to create video content for online, hybrid and flipped courses. You can record your screen, your voice, and your video presentation to create engaging content for students. Check out our guide to best practices for recording screen content on our tips and resources website.

Full Echo360 Universal Capture documentation

Echo360 Universal Capture

If you would like to get started with Echo360 Universal Capture you can request an Echo account on our request form.

Archiving your Zoom Cloud Recordings to Echo360

Archive Zoom Recordings to Echo360 documentation

Echo360 Gated Polling

This feature allows the instructor to insert polls into Echo360 videos that can be used as knowledge checks and to increase engagement with the content.  Viewers will be required to submit an answer before moving on with the video.  Echo360 video Polling is meant to be used in a Canvas course where you can view the poll analytics to check to see how well the class understands the lecture material.  

Gated Polling Example












Check out the documentation on how to create and use Echo360 Gated Polling.

Echo360 Assignments

You can now create Canvas assignments where students can record using Echo360 Universal capture or upload existing video they have created on their own and submit through the Echo360 Assignment tool.  The videos show in the Canvas Speedgrader to view, grade and provide feedback, all in the Speedgrader interface.

For instructors:

Creating Echo360 Assignments

For Students:

Submitting an Echo360 Assignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this page to get your Echo360 questions answered.

Accessibility Statement

Learn about ECHO360 accessibility statement.