Hybrid Flexible (Hyflex) Teaching and Learning

What is HyFlex?

At the University of San Francisco, for the purpose of pandemic instruction, we are defining HyFlex instruction as formats in which a class meets on-campus in-person for every class session, with synchronous remote participation for some students.

Essentially, there will be two groups of students in each class meeting:

  1. Those who participate in face-to-face synchronous class sessions in-person (in a classroom)
  2. Those who participate in face-to-face class sessions via video conference (e.g., Zoom)

Instructors will always be on-campus in-person.

A HyFlex class makes class meetings and materials available so that students can access them online or in-person, during or after class sessions. All students, regardless of the path taken, will achieve the same learning objectives.

HyFlex Methods

There are two primary methods that can be used to join remote students to the classroom in HyFlex classes.

HyFlex-equipped Classrooms

USF has 19 HyFlex-equipped classrooms across our Hilltop and Downtown San Francisco campuses. To learn more about these classrooms, please visit our New HyFlex Classrooms page.

Faculty who are teaching in a HyFlex-coded course and who are scheduled to teach in one of USF's 19 HyFlex-equipped classrooms are highly encouraged to attend the following ETS trainings: Please check the ETS Trainings & Workshops page for current offerings. 

  • Using HyFlex Classroom Technology (in-person, 1 hour): In this on-campus, small group faculty training, you will receive an introduction to the technology and classroom design of our new HyFlex equipped classrooms. Participants will have an opportunity to try out the classroom equipment, either with their own laptop or the classroom computer, and have a brief experience of being a HyFlex instructor and HyFlex in-person student.
  • HyFlex Instruction for the HyFlex Classroom Basics (remote, 1 hour): This training will cover steps to prepare for lecturing in a HyFlex environment, multimodal (i.e., in-person and remote) student engagement, providing feedback, tips for preparing your students, and HyFlex course design best practices

Bring Your Own (BYO) Equipment Set-up

Faculty interested in a HyFlex set-up outside of our new 19 HyFlex-equipped classrooms can consider using a "BYO equipment" HyFlex setup. You can learn more about our recommended equipment for this setup on our Remote Equipment page.

Faculty who are teaching in a HyFlex-coded course and who are NOT scheduled to teach in one of USF's 19 HyFlex-equipped classrooms are highly encouraged to attend the following ETS training: Please check the ETS Trainings & Workshops page for current offerings. 

  • Teach HyFlex with Portable Zoom Kits (remote, 1.5 hours): In this workshop, we will review planning for, setup and use of equipment needed to facilitate a HyFlex class in a classroom where portable Zoom equipment is needed to allow for remote student participation. In addition, we will discuss strategies and considerations for optimizing the student experience for in-person and remote students in the HyFlex environment.

Training Videos

HyFlex FAQ

Access the FAQ on Google Docs


If you are interested in learning more about the HyFlex teaching modality, we highly recommend this short eBook by Brian Beatty, inventor of HyFlex and associate professor of instructional technologies at San Francisco State University.

HyFlex Tech Check Consultation

ETS offers “tech checks” for faculty interested in getting feedback on their technology set-ups for their course modalities. Faculty teaching HyFlex can sign up for 30 minute consultations for the following:

  1. Portable Zoom Kit Tech Check: In order to ensure faculty readiness to utilize their Zoom Kit in a classroom to support remote students. Prerequisites for this consultation include procurement of a Portable Zoom Kit (required) and participation in the Teach HyFlex with Portable Zoom Kits Training (preferred).
  2. HyFlex Classroom Orientation Tech Check: In order to ensure faculty readiness to utilize a HyFlex classroom to support remote students. These sessions will be facilitated onsite in a HyFlex classroom. If you are planning to use your own personal laptop, please bring it to your consultation. Participation in the 1) Using HyFlex Classroom Technology and 2) HyFlex Instruction for the HyFlex Classroom Basics trainings prior to consultation preferred.

In order to provide meaningful feedback during these consultation, it is important that you are in the environment and using the hardware which you are planning to teach your remote or online class.  

Book a Tech Check Consultation

Faculty who experience issues with the classroom technology during their HyFlex class sessions should call x6668 from the classroom phone, dial (415) 422-6668 from their cell phone, or email itshelp@usfca.edu.

Faculty who have participated in one of ETS’s HyFlex Trainings should have received access to the HyFlex Resources (2021) Canvas Course.

A rich resource for all faculty teaching HyFlex at USF, the Canvas course includes:

  • A ‘living’ HyFlex Q&A document, listing commonly asked questions and answers from our HyFlex trainings related to HyFlex administration, policies, and more;
  • A discussion forum area for faculty to ask and answer questions, share stories and tips with one another;
  • All training related materials and more.

To gain access to this Canvas course, please email the Instructional Design team.

In order to support faculty through some of these challenges, Information Technology Services (ITS) is partnering with the Office of the Provost to develop what we’re calling the HyFlex Navigator Program. This program is modeled from similar successful programs at partner institutions including LMU and Loyola New Orleans.

“Navigators”, a group of purpose-hired student workers who will report to Classroom Technology in ITS, will provide HyFlex onboarding support (during weeks 1-6 of the semester), either remotely or in-person, for faculty who have indicated interest and have been approved for support by their School/College. Navigators will be able to support faculty in:

  • In-person, set up equipment prior to the start of class and provide technical support;
  • In-person or remotely, provide assistance during synchronous class sessions, including managing remote chat, screen sharing, recording start-stop, and breakout rooms.

School/College Portable Zoom Kits

Many of the schools and colleges have been working to order portable Zoom kits for faculty teaching HyFlex in a non-HyFlex classroom, studio or lab, or for faculty who may need to teach HyFlex for one or more class session to accommodate a student who temporarily needs to desires to attend remotely. To find more about your school or college’s equipment, please reach out to the following contact people.

College of Arts & Sciences - Elias Husary or your Associate Dean
School of Law - Julia Dunbar
School of Management - April McKay and Regina Maniti
School of Nursing & Health Professions - Nikki Mercado and June Madsen Clausen

To view a list of the recommended equipment, visit the ETS Modality Equipment Recommendations page.

Gleeson Library Inventory

A limited number of Portable Zoom Kits will be available for short-term or out of normal business hours utilization at the Gleeson Library circulation desk for faculty checkout only. When they are checked out, the default period will be for four hours, but it can be extended up to overnight at the faculty member's request. To reserve a kit at a particular time, call the circulation desk at (415) 422-2662 or email access_services@usfca.edu, and then visit the Gleeson Library circulation desk to pick it up.