Hybrid Flexible (Hyflex) Teaching and Learning

What is HyFlex?

At the University of San Francisco, for the purpose of Fall 2021 pandemic instruction, we are defining HyFlex instruction as formats in which a class meets on-campus in-person for every class session, with synchronous remote participation for some students.

Essentially, there will be two groups of students in each class meeting:

  1. Those who participate in face-to-face synchronous class sessions in-person (in a classroom)
  2. Those who participate in face-to-face class sessions via video conference (e.g., Zoom)

Instructors will always be on-campus in-person.

A HyFlex class makes class meetings and materials available so that students can access them online or in-person, during or after class sessions. All students, regardless of the path taken, will achieve the same learning objectives.

HyFlex Methods

There are two primary methods that can be used to join remote students to the classroom in HyFlex classes.

HyFlex-equipped Classrooms

By the start of the summer 2021 term, USF will have 18 HyFlex-equipped classrooms across our Hilltop and Downtown San Francisco campuses. To learn more about these classrooms, please visit our New HyFlex Classrooms page.

Bring Your Own (BYO) Equipment Set-up

Faculty interested in a HyFlex set-up outside of our new 18 HyFlex-equipped classrooms can consider using a "BYO equipment" HyFlex setup. You can learn more about our recommended equipment for this setup on our Remote Equipment page.

Spring 2021 HyFlex Pilot

Educational Technology Services (ETS) in partnership with the Provost office, is running a Spring 2021 HyFlex Pilot Program to test out a few of our new HyFlex classrooms, test run our new faculty development program, and get feedback from faculty about other HyFlex related issues, like protocols, administration and potential policies. The pilot is currently closed to new participants.

Fall 2021 HyFlex Training

Training for the HyFlex modality, including support for faculty using both our new HyFlex-equipped classrooms and the BYO equipment set-ups, will be piloted with the Spring 2021 HyFlex Pilot, and refined with feedback from faculty in preparation for wider delivery beginning in May 2021. Please bookmark the ETS Trainings and Workshops page for more information and for registration, which will come available in mid April.

Fall 2021 HyFlex FAQ

Coming soon.


If you are interested in learning more about the HyFlex teaching modality, we highly recommend this short eBook by Brian Beatty, inventor of HyFlex and associate professor of instructional technologies at San Francisco State University.