Instructional Design Resources

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We have worked with faculty to develop a number of tip sheets, templates and how-to guides which reflect best practices for online, hybrid and technology-enhanced course design and Universal Design for Learning. We encourage you to try these out. If you have any questions or would like to do a deeper dive, schedule a 1:1 consultation with your School’s Instructional Designer.

Course Design Tip Sheets, Templates and How-To Guides

teaching through disruptions

While it is infrequent, our recent experience with the Camp Fire proved that emergency closure is a real possibility. Here is our guide on how to prepare to teach through disruption, when you or your students cannot come to campus, but coursework must continue.

USF Tips for Moving Coursework Online in Emergency Situations

Course Development Overview

Comprehensive Product How-Tos (Includes all How-To Guides listed below)

Editorial Guidelines

Image guidelines (graphs, charts, and diagrams)

Creating Accessible Content in Canvas Pages

Course Templates

Syllabus Template

Course Schedule Templates (3 options)

Microsoft Word

Use the following Word template and guide to build in accessibility in your Word documents.

Accessible Microsoft Word 2011 Template

Accessible Microsoft Word 2011 (for Mac) How-To Guide

Microsoft PowerPoint

Use the following PowerPoint template and guide to build in accessibility in your PowerPoint presentations.

Accessible Powerpoint Template

PPT How-To Guide

How To Convert PowerPoints to Movies

Video Recording

Follow these guidelines to create self-recorded  or studio-recorded content such as lectures, video introductions or slide presentations with audio or video for your course.

Self-Recording Tips

Studio-Recording Tips

Transcripts and Closed Captioning

When creating transcripts for your videos, audio recordings or presentations, please review the following resources for guidance.

Transcript Development Tips

Closed Captioning How-To Guide (Coming Soon)