Workers' Compensation

USF provides coverage through the Travelers Indemnity Company for employees who experience work-related injuries and illnesses. Workers compensation is intended to provide medical care and wages for lost time resulting from work-related injuries and illnesses caused by an employee’s work.


In the event of a life-threatening or limb-threatening medical emergency, call (415) 422-2911 if working on campus or 911 if working off campus. Additionally and immediately after a work work-related injury or illness occurs, you must inform:

Failure to report an injury or illness in a timely way may jeopardize or delay your rights to certain benefits.

Medical Provider Network

A provider in the Medical Provider Network (MPN) must be used for treatment unless you have pre-designated a personal physician for treatment of work-related injuries or illnesses. To pre-designate a provider for such instances, you must have the provider sign the pre-designation form and submit it to Human Resources at before reporting an incident. The pre-designation form starts on page four of Travelers’ Workers’ Compensation Benefits document, which can be accessed from the HR forms web page under the "Workers’ Compensation" section.

For more information, including a summary of workers compensation benefits and the Medical Provider Network (MPN), please visit the HR forms web page.