Healthcare Plans

For medical coverage, USF offers a choice of a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) through Kaiser Permanente or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) through Anthem Blue Cross. USF also offers dental coverage with Delta Dental and vision coverage with VSP.

Refer to the Benefits Compliance Documents web page for a summary of benefits and evidence of coverage for each provider.

San Francisco Healthcare Security Ordinance* 

*For non-benefited USF employees working in San Francisco

USFFA faculty medical coverage starts on the date of hire and is determined by the faculty member's duration of their teaching assignment and tenure status. Note: Moving from full-time to adjunct status will affect benefits coverage.

Review the Full-Time Faculty Benefits Eligibility Chart for complete details of coverage.

We recommend confirming on a regular basis with your providers that they are still in-network so that you pay the lowest costs (this includes medical, dental and vision). If you go out of network, the provider can charge more than the amounts allowed by the plan. The provider may bill you for the remaining balance.

For coverage information, please refer to the Benefits Guide and summary of benefits documents on the Benefits Compliance Documents page. You can also find network directories on your plan’s website and contact information if you would like to contact the vendor by phone or email.

If you live or work outside of the State of California, it is important that you contact the Benefits Team at or call at 415-422-2442 to check if there is an impact on your Benefits.

Kaiser Permanente is not offered for employees living outside of California.

Each time you move to a new permanent address, please remember to update your primary address on USFWorks and inform the Benefits Team. Review instructions for updating your address.