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The Learning Center strives to foster the enhancement of academic skills and abilities to assist students in becoming independent learners by providing multiple layers of support to USF undergraduate and graduate-level students. With the goal of increasing student persistence and self-regulation, The Learning Center provides:

  • Academic Skills Workshops (by request and pre-finals week each term)
  • Academic Skills Coaching (one-on-one, hour-long appointments, online via Zoom)
  • Online academic resources (included within this webpage)

For more information, please contact us at 415-422-6713 or lwsc@usfca.edu.

Learning Center academic skills coaches are available to meet one-on-one with any USF undergraduate or graduate student to discuss academic skills and strategies, including (but not limited to):

  • Time Management and Organization (includes prioritization and planning)
  • Test-taking and Exam Preparation (includes positive thinking)
  • Active Study (includes structured study time, note-taking strategies, and critical reading)
  • Motivation and Goal-Setting (includes procrastination)
  • Learning Styles and Preferences (includes an overview of campus study spaces)
  • ...and more!

To schedule an individualized Academic Skills Coaching appointment, please log in to our centralized scheduling system.

Submit an evaluation of your Academic Skills Coaching experience here
(after your appointment)

Requested Workshops

Learning Center staff can facilitate workshops on an array of topics and skills. To request a Learning Center workshop, please fill out our request form and select one of our workshop offerings:

  • "Time Management & '168' Prioritization"
  • "Test-Taking and Exam Preparation"
  • "Active Study – Part I (Note-taking & Reading Strategies)"
  • "Active Study – Part II (Critical Thinking & Metacognition)"
  • "Preparing for Finals: A 7-Day Study Plan"

The workshop request form seeks to gather as many details as possible to ensure we can prepare a relevant and useful experience for participants. Please review the available workshop descriptions within the form before submitting. If none of the workshop offerings seem to fit your vision, simply contact us at lwsc@usfca.edu or 415-422-6713 for more information.


Want to learn more about time management, test-taking skills, and more...on your own? Be sure to check out our free webinar series, DonTALKS, which cover an array of techniques you can use to better yourself as a present student and future professional.

More resources are on their way! Please check back soon.

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