Sample Undergraduate Program Website

The homepage should introduce the program to the prospect. It should be organized so that it is scannable and quickly digestible. It should be top weighted, so the most important information and action items are near the beginning of the page. Focus on encouraging action by the prospect, either jumping straight to the inquiry form/application form or exploring the program in greater depth. Avoid trying to make the home page the repository for everything the program is doing. Instead keep it focused, introductory, and action oriented while reserving details for sub-pages.

Example Site

main page screen shot read program home page - required elements for details

Program Home Page - Required Elements

  • Intro Paragraph: One to two paragraphs introducing the program. The first paragraph will use the "Intro" type style which has a larger font, which helps make the page more scannable.
  • Call to action colored square buttons: Contains links to most important actions we want prospects to take: “Apply Now, Request Info, Info Sessions, Financial Aid”. Colors used in these boxes are uniform across all undergraduate majors providing consistency of interaction for prospects who look at multiple majors.
  • Degree Requirements: Links to major, minor, and course pages in the catalog. Can also link here to related dual degree programs or special academic options the major may have, if those are detailed in the catalog.
  • Program Uniqueness: Content that can help make the case for what is unique about the program, or illuminate the experience of being in the program. This content may include elements such as: a video introducing the program; short callouts on unique aspects of the program which link to other pages; experiential content such as quotes from students or links to a student profile.
  • Opportunities: An area to note any benefits, such as including career connections, internships, or honor societies related to the major.

Program Home Page - Optional Content

  • Student profile: Callout which highlights a news story or video focusing on the student's experience in the program or how the program prepared them for life after college.
  • Recent news: We can feature news if there is enough news content regularly published to keep the feed looking current.

Menu – Additional content

  • Faculty
  • Careers
  • Apply

Other possible pages could include program overview, major and minor, research, internships, etc.


  • Contact Box
  • Social Media
  • Sidebar Blockquote (an option if not present in main body area)
  • Callout box linking to giving or student profile (optional if content supports it)
  • Graphic element highlighting unique feature (Yellow Ribbon program, special accreditation, partners, etc.)