Provost's Circle


The Provost’s Circle exists to provide thought-partnering, expertise, and advisement to the Provost/VPAA on all aspects of the student academic and co-curricular experience.

The Provost's Circle will:

  1. Provide thought-partnering, guidance and recommendations about key strategic questions, policies and procedures related to student academic and co-curricular experience.
  2. Provide a space and structure for imagining and co-designing innovative and creative initiatives related to all aspects of student and alumni success, from recruitment to career outcomes and lifelong learning.
  3. Foster collaborative, student-centered, participatory and interdisciplinary leadership approaches.
  4. Engage complex questions from a stance of appreciative, strength-based inquiry, deeply informed by Jesuit principles and values.
  5. Bring an equity and intersectional antiracism lens to all issues under consideration; seek out and listen to voices and perspectives that are typically marginalized.
  6. Engage the wider USF and San Francisco community with questions about mission, vision and strategy and infuse community perspectives into the Circle’s deliberations.


The Provost's Circle will:

  • publish its agendas and meeting summaries in a timely fashion so that the USF community is aware of ongoing discussions and recommendations made by the Circle to the Provost (or their designee); and seek agenda items, advice, and counsel from students, faculty, librarians and staff.


The Provost's Circle members serve at the invitation of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. The current roster includes:

  • Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs: Eileen Fung
  • Vice Provost of Global Education, Immersions and Strategic Initiatives: Anastasia Vrachnos
  • Vice Provost of Strategic Enrollment Management: April Crabtree
  • Vice Provost of Student Success, Inclusive Excellence and Curricular Innovation: Rebecca Hong
  • Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Budget, Planning and Strategic Analysis, Sharon Li
  • Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: Jeff Paris
  • Dean of the School of Education: Shabnam Koirala-Azad
  • Dean of the School of Law: Susan Freiwald
  • Dean of the School of Management: Otgontsetseg "Otgo" Erhemjamts
  • Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions: Eileen Fry-Bowers
  • Dean of the University Library: Shawn Calhoun
  • Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Student Services: Shona Milazo
  • Associate Vice Provost of Sponsored Programs and External Partnerships: Camille Coley
  • Associate Vice Provost for Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI): Sabrina Kwist
  • Associate Vice Provost, Enrollment Communications and Strategic Initiatives: Katherine Edwards
  • Associate Vice President and Dean of Students: Shannon Gary
  • Associate Vice Provost of the Office of Planning and Budget: Michael Harrington
  • Associate Vice Provost of Educational Effectiveness: Deborah Panter
  • Associate Vice President and Director of Educational Technology Services: David Kirmse
  • Assistant Vice President for the Office of Marketing Communications: Angie Davis
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement: Lester Deanes
  • Director of University Ministry: Angélica Quiñónez
  • Senior Director of Leo T. McCarthy Center: Derick Brown
  • Chancellor and Chief Mission Office: Rev. John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J.
  • Campus Director, Sacramento Campus, Christina Wilson
  • Director, Orange County Campus, Maureen Lu
  • Interim Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Analytics, Nathan Cain