Frequently Asked Questions

A Minor can be a nice complement to your major, and a signal that you are a serious student with multiple interests and broad knowledge. All Minors require 20 units, or 5 courses to complete, although some courses may overlap with core/major courses.

Some minors that go well with Econ are (and have overlapping courses):

• Computer Science

• Mathematics

• Languages

• Politics / Legal Studies

• Environmental Science

If you have LESS than 64 credits, you are NOT eligible for a semester program. However, after completing your Freshman year, you are eligible for a short-term program (You must have Sophomore standing). Your GPA must be above 3.0 and above a 2.75 if you are in the School of Management. If you are a transfer student, you need to take at least 24 credits at USF before you are eligible. You must take your last 30 credits at USF. If you are on disciplinary probation, you will need approval from the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities (OSCRR).


Additional information about studying abroad can be found here

The Economic Seminar Series (ESS) are lectures held typically every Thursday from 3:00 to 4:30 PM. Economists from other institutions are invited to the University of San Francisco to present their work. Although the Economic Seminar Series is geared toward graduate students, undergraduates are more than welcome to come, as it is a great way to see what “doing” economic research looks like.

To be added to the Economic Seminar Series email list, please reach out to the Program Assistant, Michelle Santana:

The 4+1 program offers students an opportunity to earn a BA in Economics and a Master's degree within five years. Students can obtain one of two Master's degrees:

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