USF Requirements

Minimum Requirements for USF Degree (College of Arts and Sciences)

  1. Major Requirements: Complete at least 44 units in Economics (or at least 11 Economics Courses, 4 units each)
  2. Core Requirements: 44 units
  3. Foreign Language Requirement: 3 semesters
  4. Minimum 128 units (notes: units for repeated courses are not counted twice, except for Directed Studies, Special Topics courses, and ESS Activity courses)
  5. "C" average (2.00) cumulative USF GPA
  6. "C" average (2.00) GPA in Economics courses
    • If you are a transfer student: 7. Minimum 44 units in residency at USF
  7. Minimum 16 upper division units of Economics courses in residency at USF

CORE Requirements

Area A. Foundations of Communication

  1. Public Speaking (4 units)
  2. Rhetoric and Composition* (4 units) • *Must complete RC120, 131, 140, or 250 (a grade of C- or higher is required)

Area B. Math and the Science

  1. Math or Quantitative Science (4 units)
  2. Natural or Laboratory Science (4 units) CORE Requirements (Part II)

Integration of Community-Engaged Learning and Cultural Diversity

  1. Community-Engaged Learning (CEL)
  2. Cultural Diversity (CD)

Language Requirement*

  1. 1st Semester (4 units)
  2. 2nd Semester (4 units)

Economics Major Requirements Checklist

Econ RequirementsEcon Requirements