ASUSF Senate Legislation

ASUSF Senate creates legislation to address the needs of students at USF.

Our resolutions are aimed either at issues that affect students or at improving our own structure. Passed resolutions by the ASUSF Senate will be frequently updated throughout the school year. To find out more about how resolutions work and what effects they have, join us at our public meetings or contact us at

2017-2018 Resolutions

# Status Title Update

2016-2017 Resolutions

# Status Title Update
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-01 Approved Renaming Phelan Residence Hall  
ASUSF Resolution 6-17-02 Approved Veggie Friendly Day in Market Café  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-03 Approved Changing the LGBTQ Student Representative Title  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-04 Approved First Generation Student Center  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-05
Submitted BART Discount Program  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-06 Approved Indigenous Peoples Day  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-07 Approved Minor and Second Major Reflected on Diploma  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-08 Approved Transfer Student Support Services  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-09
Submitted Referendum to Approve an ASUSF Military Veteran Student Representative  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-10 Approved Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Inclusivity on USF Campus  
ASUSF Resolution 16-17-11
Submitted Protection of Gender- and Sexuality-Specific Healthcare at USF  
ASUSF Letter 16-17-01 Sent Oct. 7, 2016 ASUSF and BSU Statement