Advising Resources

Please see below for information on:

New Student Orientation

View a recap of the new Psychology student orientation slideshow.


Group Advising

Note: Group advising is not peer advising.

Mandatory Group Advising typically occurs two to three weeks before the beginning of registration. These sessions are meant to help you check if you are taking the classes you need to, both for the Core and the major, and for any other programs of study you want to accomplish while at USF, such as study abroad or minor programs. 

If you will not have completed the following courses by the end of the semester, you will have an advising hold:

PSYC 101: General Psychology 

RHET 203: Writing in Psychology

PSYC 260: Psychological Statistics

PSYC 265: Research Design

PSYC 270: Biological Psychology


To clear your advising hold, so you can register for Fall 2024: 

  1. You must attend an entire group advising session (see below). 
  2. At group advising, you will receive details on the group advising quiz. 
  3. You must pass the quiz to lift your advising hold.

All live Group Advising sessions have now passed. In order to remove your advising hold, view the asynchronous recording posted to the Group Advising course on Canvas and take the quiz at the end. Email once you've passed the quiz and we will remove your hold.

Peer Advising

Our peer advisers are Psychology students who have academically strong backgrounds and who are nearing degree completion. If you have general questions about the program, are changing your major to Psychology, need help drafting your 4-year plan, or would like some insights from fellow Psychology majors, our peer advisers are available to help.

Schedule your appointment with a peer advisor:

Peer Advising Appointments with Katie Inthavong

Peer Advising sessions take place virtually over Zoom. If you are canceling a scheduled appointment, email the peer advisor with at least a 24-hour notice.

Katie Inthavong:

Faculty Advising

You will be assigned a faculty adviser when you enter the program. While faculty advisers can answer questions about the Psychology major and help verify your planned curriculum track, faculty advising is also a great place to discuss your career planning. There are many possible career paths for Psychology majors.  We strongly recommend that you see your faculty adviser (and visit Career Services) early during your time at USF to help you prepare for your future after USF.

If you want to discuss academic planning or your curriculum track with your faculty adviser, please come prepared with a draft of your 4-year plan. Contact a peer adviser if you need help with this.

You may contact your faculty adviser by email to set-up a Zoom appointment or you may drop in during Office Hours.

Visit your myUSF dashboard to find your faculty adviser:

  1. Select Student Self-Service
  2. Select “Student” tab
  3. Select “Registration”
  4. Select “Registration Status & Adviser Information”

If you were not assigned a faculty adviser, contact the program assistant at to have one assigned.

CASA - Academic Success Coach

In addition to a faculty adviser in the major, all incoming students are assigned a success coach in CASA. The success coach will offer students personalized support from orientation to graduation, while encouraging students to meet their goals, explore their options, and fulfill their potential. They also work closely with faculty and staff to engage in academic interventions, ensuring our students have proper support in place to stay on track to complete their degree.

Please note: Your Academic Success Coach cannot remove your advising hold nor can they sign your Add/Drop form as your adviser.