Levels of Advising

To ensure that our students stay on track to graduate, the Department of Psychology offers three levels of advising — peer, faculty, and group.

Peer Advising

Peer advising occurs on a weekly basis during Fall and Spring semesters in the Department of Psychology (KA G49). The semester schedule is posted on the door and these sessions are on a drop-in basis; no appointment is required. Peer advisors are students who have academically strong backgrounds and who are nearing degree completion. If you have general questions about the program, are interested in changing your major to Psychology, or would like some insights from fellow Psychology majors, our Peer Advisors are available to help.

Spring 2019 - Peer Advising Hours 

Tuesdays and Thursdays | 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Faculty Advising

You will be assigned a faculty adviser when you enter the program. While faculty advisers can answer questions about the Psychology major and help verify your planned curriculum track, faculty advising is also a great place to discuss your career planning. There are many possible career paths for Psychology majors.  We strongly recommend you see your faculty adviser (and visit career services) early in your time at USF to help you prepare for your future after USF. You may contact your faculty advisor by email to set up an appointment, or you may stop by during their posted office hours.

Visit your myUSF dashboard to find your adviser:

  1. Student tab
  2. Registration link
  3. Registration Status
  4. Adviser Information

Spring 2019 - Faculty Office Hours

Group Advising

Mandatory group advising typically occurs two to three weeks before the beginning of registration. The Department will send out an email to all Psychology students notifying them of the available group advising sessions. Students who have not completed all five major foundational courses will be required to attend a session in its entirety in order to remove their registration hold.

Visit your myUSF dashboard to see if you have a hold on your account:

  1. Student tab
  2. Student Records link
  3. View Holds

Transfer Students

To determine whether the Psychology courses you have taken elsewhere will substitute for USF Psychology courses, you will need to fill out a Substitution Request form, attach the course's syllabus, and submit both documents to the department for evaluation.

A faculty reviewer will assess the contents of the syllabus and determine if the course is equivalent. A follow-up email will be sent to you once your course has been reviewed. 

Study Abroad

All psychology majors should first try to take CORE courses and free electives when studying abroad. If a student wants to enroll in a study abroad course that counts towards the major, only one course taken while studying abroad can count toward your psychology major requirements.  Study abroad course substitutions are not allowed for the following foundational courses:

PSYC - 101 General Psychology
PSYC - 260 Psychological Statistics
PSYC - 265 Research Design
PSYC - 270 Biological Psychology
RHET - 203 Writing in Psychology

Requests for study abroad substitution of psychology courses must be submitted to the Psychology department. Majors may submit only (2) study abroad psychology course substitution requests for our internal department review/approval process.  Students should fill out the Waiver/Substitution form, attach the course syllabus, and submit them to the front desk with your PEAI form. If both syllabi are approved, only (1) study abroad psychology course can count towards the psychology major.