Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is my advisor?

Students who have declared Psych as a major will have 2 advisors: 1 Psych faculty advisor and 1 CASA advisor (aka Student Success Coach). You can find who your advisor is by going to myUSF and clicking on the ‘Student’ tab.

I would like some help and feedback with making sure I am taking the right courses in the right sequence and making good progress in the Psychology major. Where can I find resources that offer this type of guidance?

At the beginning of each semester, our Student Development Coordinator and Peer Advisors hold group advising sessions for just this purpose. If you have not yet completed all of the 5 foundation courses in the major, you must attend group advising in order to have your advising registration hold removed to register for the upcoming semester.

In addition, we encourage all of our students to review our Psychology Video Tutorials, which will help you become more familiar with the Psychology major. 

You can also reach out to our peer advisors. They have virtual advising hours where you can book an appointment via Calendly.

If you have registration or advising questions that cannot be addressed by the above resources, please make an appointment to see your faculty advisor. Please have a specific list of questions and let your faculty advisor know ahead of time which issues you would like to address during your appointment.

This is a list of classes that I plan to take next semester. Could you please double check to make sure I’m on track?

Make an appointment with a peer advisor and have them take a look. If you have additional questions, contact your Faculty Advisor or visit your Faculty Advisor during office hours. 

How can I get an at-a-glance summary of past, in-progress, and planned course work that provides information on completed and remaining requirements necessary to complete my degree?

You can view, save and print a summary of this information by running a Degree Evaluation in Degree Works. This is an excellent resource to help you develop your four-year plan for graduation. It is also a good idea to bring this information along with you when you attend group advising and/or meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your academic progress and goals.

There is an advising hold on my account. Why is it there and how can I get it removed in order to register for classes next semester?

Unless you will have completed all five foundation courses below by the end of any given semester, you must attend group advising to be allowed to register for the upcoming semester:

  • PSYC 101: General Psychology
  • PSYC 260: Psychological Statistics
  • RHET 203: Writing in Psychology
  • PSYC 265: Research Design
  • PSYC 270: Biological Psychology

The Faculty Development Coordinator and Peer Advisors hold several group advising sessions in the Fall and Spring of every semester prior to open registration. Several announcements and notifications will be made to inform you about the days, times and locations of these sessions. You must attend the whole session to have your advising hold cleared.  Please arrive on time and plan to stay for the whole session.

Is the Cultural Diversity (CD) requirement in Psychology different from the Core Cultural Diversity requirement?

Yes. These are two separate requirements. In addition to taking a course that satisfies the CD requirement in the core, you will also need to take one course (4 units) to fulfill the CD requirement in Psychology. Here is a list of courses that satisfies the Psychology CD requirement:

  • PSYC 301        Diversity Issues in Psychology
  • PSYC 302        Psychology of Prejudice
  • PSYC 305        Multicultural Psychology 
  • PSYC 306        Latinx Psychology
  • PSYC 307        Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • PSYC 316        African American Psychology
  • PSYC 317        Asian American Psychology
  • PSYC 331        Psychology of Sexuality
  • PSYC 335        Psychology of Gender

Where can I find more information about career opportunities and preparing for graduate school in Psychology?

Job and volunteer opportunities are regularly posted in the Psychology department in Kalmanovitz G65. These opportunities are updated every semester. You may also visit the Psychology Department homepage and click on Career Planning or visit the PSA website for an updated list of research and job opportunities.

I am interested in switching my major to Psychology. What should I do?

Familiarize yourself with the major requirements and view the Psychology PowerPoint orientation to become familiar with the major, to help you plan out your course schedule, and to determine your graduation timeline.

Once you have the major requirements completed, you may complete the online Change of Academic Program (CoAP) form to make your request. Your request will be approved shortly thereafter and you will be notified when the approval has been processed.

I am interested in adding a minor in Psychology. What should I do?

Familiarize yourself with the minor requirements. Once you have completed the requirements, you may complete the online Change of Academic Program (CoAP) form to make the request. Your request will be approved shortly thereafter and you will be notified when the approval has been processed.

How many units are required to graduate with a Psychology degree? 

A minimum of 128 units is required for graduation. A minimum of 48 units is required in Psychology. Psychology students can consider adding a minor but it is not required for graduation.

If you are a transfer student, sometimes your transferred psychology course units count for less than 4 units. You may need to complete additional psychology courses to reach 48 units for the major. Please check your degree evaluation to determine whether you need to make up units and consult with an advisor on how to make up these units if necessary.

Is there a Department of Psychology graduation ceremony?

The Department of Psychology hosts a private graduation ceremony in spring for its graduating seniors. This typically happens in the morning, before the College of Arts and Sciences' commencement ceremony.

Invitations are emailed to graduating seniors. Please contact the Psychology department with any questions.

When do I apply to graduate?

Students can apply for graduation anytime within three semesters prior to their graduation semester. We strongly recommend applying early, way in advance of your last semester, in case there are any discrepancies in your degree audit.

Can I walk in the spring and then finish the rest of my classes in the summer?

Yes, you may walk in the spring commencement ceremony if you have fewer than 12 units left to complete and have a solid plan to complete them in the summer (i.e. you have ensured that those courses will be offered that summer).  

I need .65 credits of psychology classes in order to graduate but all psychology classes are 4 units. Do I need to take extra units in order to graduate? 

Yes, you need to fulfill the credit requirements. Look for classes that are 1 or 2 units, like Careers in Psychology, or if you need additional classes outside of the Psychology Major, look for 1 unit courses in other departments, such as Performing Arts and Social Justice or Kinesiology. 

I can’t get into a required psychology class this semester because it is full. How do I add myself to the class? 

Some classes and sections will have a waitlist, such as Psychological Statistics, Research Design, ARM/ART and Practicum. You should add yourself to the waitlist if it is available. For other classes, it is best that you watch the class list and when a spot opens, add yourself into the course. You may use Coursicle to track openings in the class.

I'm a Psychology major interested in the study abroad program. Can I take Psychology courses during my semester abroad and will they substitute for courses in the major?

By department policy, students may submit up to 2 study abroad psychology course substitution requests for our internal department review/approval process. Only 1 approved study abroad psychology course can count towards the psychology major.

All psychology majors should first try to take their CORE courses and free electives when studying abroad. If you still want to enroll in study abroad courses that count towards the major, please note that course substitutions are not allowed for the following foundational courses:

  • PSYC 101 General Psychology
  • PSYC 260 Psychological Statistics
  • PSYC 265 Research Design
  • PSYC 270 Biological Psychology
  • RHET 203 Writing in Psychology

How will I know if the Psychology course I wish to take at my study abroad institution will substitute for a particular course in my major?

You will need to fill out the Petition to Enroll at Another Institution (PEAI) form, along with a Waiver/Substitution Request form for any courses you wish to have evaluated as counting toward major requirements. See our Study Abroad page for full details.

The Psychology course I took while studying abroad appears on my transcript, but it is listed as an open elective. How can I get my records to reflect that this course fulfills a major requirement?

When you return from your study abroad semester and the course you have taken in Psychology appears on your USF transcript, you must submit a Waiver/Substitution Request form to apply your study abroad course to a Psychology major requirement. After a faculty member has reviewed your request, you will receive an email response from the Department Chair. 

I have taken Psychology courses at another institution. They are currently reflected in my USF transcript as counting toward open elective credits. Can I get them to substitute for required classes in my major?

In order to determine whether the Psychology courses you have taken elsewhere will substitute for USF Psychology courses, you will need to fill out a Waiver/Substitution form and include a course syllabus. Complete instructions can be found on our Transfer page.

What do I need to do to make my transferred Psych classes count toward the major requirements at USF? What do I do if I believe the wrong boxes are checked? 

Please submit a course substitution form. The appropriate faculty member will then review your syllabi for equivalency to our USF courses.

Can I take some psych classes from a different university/community college when I go home in the summer and then transfer the classes to USF?

If the course or an equivalent one is being offered at USF, then generally no, it will not count towards your degree requirements. If you feel that you have a valid exception, you must gain approval from USF by submitting a Petition to Enroll at Another Institution (PEAI) before you enroll in the class. As long as you are still enrolled at USF, you are not allowed to take courses at any other institution and transfer them back to USF (with the exception of university-approved study abroad). (Source: Office of the Registrar)