Registration Holds

Sometimes a hold might be placed on your myUSF account. Holds can prevent you from registering for classes or can prevent you from changing your class schedule.   

Advising Hold

An Advising Hold is placed on Psychology majors who have not completed all 5 foundational courses or who may be required to seek additional academic support prior to registration. If you have an Advising Hold, it is important that you attend a Group Advising session before your registration window opens. After you attend a Group Advising session in its entirety and complete a short advising quiz, your hold will be removed.

Please note, CASA Academic Success Coaches cannot remove this hold. If you believe an Advising Hold has been placed on your account in error (i.e., you have completed the 5 foundational courses), please contact your Psychology faculty adviser to explain the situation and request that the hold be removed.

Other Holds

Other holds can be placed on your account. These holds are under the purview of other specified departments and cannot be removed by the Department of Psychology. Here are two common examples of other holds: the first is an immunization hold, for students who have not provided USF with proof of immunization; the second is a housing hold, for students who have not submitted their housing contract. 

To check if you have an existing hold, visit your myUSF dashboard:

  1. Select Student Self-Service
  2. Select the "Student" tab
  3. Select "Registration"
  4. Select "Holds"