Graduation Requirements

Please note that in order to graduate, you must have successfully completed a minimum of 128 units.

The Psychology Program requires its students to complete 48 units in the major. Combined with the slightly overlapping minimum Core requirements, Psychology and Core units total to approximately 84. This means that Psychology students will be left with approximately 36 open units to complete the minimum 128 units needed to graduate. Students often consider adding a minor because of these open units.

If you are a transfer student, sometimes your transferred psychology course units count for less than 4 units. You may need to complete additional psychology courses to reach the required number of units (48 units minimum for the major). Please check with your Psychology faculty adviser when you join the major to determine whether you need to make up units and what your options are regarding making up these units.

Department of Psychology Graduation Ceremony

Annually, on the day of the Spring graduation (May), the Department of Psychology hosts a private graduation ceremony for its graduating seniors. This typically happens in the morning, before the College of Arts and Sciences’ Commencement ceremony.

Invitations will be distributed to graduating seniors. Please contact the Psychology front desk with any questions.

Graduation Application

Students can apply for Graduation anytime beginning three semesters prior to their graduation semester. Students should apply during the first few weeks of the semester prior to their graduation term for timely updating of degree audits.