Study Abroad

If you are planning to study abroad, all psychology majors should first try to take Core courses and/or general (non-psychology) electives when studying abroad. If you want to enroll in a study abroad course and have it count towards the Psychology major requirements, you must have the course reviewed for equivalency and must submit a Substitution Request form prior to going abroad.

Please note that only 2 such psychology course requests may be submitted. If both psychology course requests are approved, students may choose only 1 course taken while studying abroad to count toward their psychology major requirements. Other courses may count toward general elective units.

Study abroad course substitutions are not allowed for the following foundational courses:

  • PSYC - 101 General Psychology
  • PSYC - 260 Psychological Statistics
  • RHET - 203 Writing in Psychology
  • PSYC - 265 Research Design
  • PSYC - 270 Biological Psychology

To submit your study abroad course for review, you must:

  1. Fill out the Substitution Request form
  2. Attach the course syllabus (Please note that course descriptions are not sufficient and will not be reviewed. If you do not have the syllabus, contact the psychology department from your study abroad institution and they should be able to provide it.)
  3. Attach your PEAI form (Please note, Step #1 of the PEAI form should already be completed. If you need help with this, see your Study Abroad adviser.)

Requests for study abroad substitution of psychology courses must be submitted to the Department of Psychology front desk (KA G65).