Declare Psychology Major

Students who are currently undeclared (or declared in another major) who wish to declare Psychology as a major must first successfully complete the introductory course, PSYC 101 General Psychology, with a grade of "C" or better. Psychology faculty only advise students who have been admitted to the Psychology major, but non-psychology major students can get information about the program by first consulting the General Catalog and then by meeting with Psychology Peer Advisors who hold posted hours in our student computer lab (KA G49) during Fall and Spring semesters.

Non-majors in the process of taking General Psychology and wishing to change to Psychology as a major should plan to register for PSYC 260 Psychological Statistics and RHET 203 Writing in Psychology the following semester. PSYC 101, PSYC 260, and RHET 203 are prerequisites for many other courses in the major, and taking them as soon as possible will give a student the best chance of graduating on time.

See the catalog for requirements ยป

For further information on becoming a psychology major, please contact the Program Assistant in the Psychology Department, Kalmanovitz G65, by email ( or phone (415) 422-6151.