Declaring Psychology as a Major

If you would like to change your major, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Psychology program requirements and Loading....

This will provide you with a general overview of the kinds of courses you will be expected to take and will help give you a general sense of your graduation timeline. Please be advised that it typically takes at least 2 years (4 semesters Spring/Fall) to complete the Psychology portion of your undergraduate program, although our program is designed to be completed as part of a four-year Bachelor’s degree program.

Many students are interested in psychology due to its topics (e.g., interpersonal relationships, health) but are not as interested in the research and science behind these topics. Psychology at USF requires students to develop competence in psychological statistics and biological psychology. Any student considering psychology as a major should also consider alternative majors with similar content areas such as communication studies and sociology as these majors may be a better fit for some students, especially students looking to complete their degree quickly.

Before you submit your request to change your major, you must complete 2 requirements:

  1. You must attend advising with our Peer Advisers. Peer Advisers can answer your inquiries, help plan your schedule, and can provide some insight into the program. You can find the Peer Advising office hours here. Peer Advising is only available during the regular Spring and Fall semesters (i.e., not during finals week or during summer/intersession), so please plan accordingly. Please note that advising from your CASA Success Coach or any other adviser will not complete this step.
  2. The second requirement before you can request to change your major is to have one of the following reflected in your online records:
  • Completion of PSYC 101: General Psychology with a grade of C or better
  • Completion of Introductory/General Psychology at another institution with a grade of C or better
  • A minimum AP Psychology Test score of 4.
  • A minimum IB Psychology Test score of 5.

Once you have met with a Peer Adviser and your General Psychology grade is reflected in your records, you may then request to change your academic program.