Foster Care Research Group

The Foster Care Research Group (FCRG) studies the well-being of current and formerfoster youth.

Current Projects

​​​​​​Child Welfare Stakeholder Evaluation

In partnership with A Home Within and Dr. Deanna Linville at the University of Oregon, this funded community-based participatory project examines the experiences of key stakeholders in foster care to understand barriers to, and experiences with, mental health services. The research team is conducting interviews and focus groups to learn more about best practices in matching clients with therapists and building therapeutic alliance, as well youth-identified goals for treatment, and successful outcomes.

Longitudinal Client Evaluation

Since 2000, FCRG has evaluated therapist reports of long-term, pro bono mental health interventions with foster youth provided through A Home Within.

Phase two of this research tracks treatment outcomes by interviewing current and former foster youth in A Home Within psychotherapy.

Needs of Foster Youth During COVID

FCRG inquired about the wellbeing of current and former foster youth in the initial months of the pandemic and, in partnership with Dr. Linville, has published findings about unique impact, and implications for college students with a history of foster care.