Mid Semester Report


ASUSF Senate Mid Semester Report

To the USF Community,

Entering this school year, we all expected a semester like no other. We were embarking on a journey with no set destination, with challenges and crises all around us. While there were, and still are, several problems facing our community, I am confident that we can get through them if we work together as one student body to ensure that USF more closely embodies the values that we all hold dear. As your elected representatives, the Senate is committed to representing your voice at every level of the University- with the faculty, administrators, and the Board of Trustees. As you will see in this Mid-Year Report, the Senate has been working tirelessly towards the goal of a better, more socially-just USF. While the progress that we have made is encouraging, our work is not done. We will continue to push for reforms, increased transparency, and more student involvement in decision making processes at USF.

ASUSF President 
John Iosefo 

Meet the team


  • Increase transparency, both within the Senate and the University
  • Increase collaboration with the actors of the University, including the faculty, staff, and the administration
  • Make USF a place that ALL students can be proud of


ASUSF Executive Team Photo
  • The Senate nominated 15 student representatives to the committees fo the Board of Trustees, which met in late September
  • Working with the Title IX office, the Senate has reformed a Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education Committee which will have input on the University's workshops and trainings
  • Senators are serving on multiple University committees that deal with issues from student health to academic integrity, ensuring that student voices are included in these discussions

Resolutions image provided by USF FoghornResolutions are our formal pieces of legislation. Read more about our latest approved Resolutions: 

*Graphic by Hayley Keizur 

Freshman Representative - Andrew Love 

"Primarily I would like to create spaces and event's in the short term to connect first-year students. Some of my plans are community meetups, cooking classes over zoom, fun events, and just other things to bring us together. Additionally, I would very much like to get involved in some more specific policy things, such as forming resolutions. 

Specific Actions: 

  • Setting up a First-Year Cook and Chill event, planning the recipe, picking a date, and working out the logistics. Also, devoting time to connect with administration and share plans. 
  • Working with Senator Dixit (International Student Representative) on building up his instagram presence, and I am part of the Academic Integrity Committee and search committee for the new Director of Financial Aid. 

Other Involvements: 
Black Student Union, Black Rainbow Party, MAPS

Sophomore Class Representative: Ethan Lee-Bellows

"My overarching goal is simply to do all that I can to make the sophomore class feel like they are getting the most out of their USF education. Considering the fact, nearly every sophomore wants to get back on campus and that being back on campus would make them feel like they are getting the most out of their education, my main short and long term goals are to demonstrate to USF leadership that students are actively doing their part to get back to campus in a safe and holistic way." 

Specific Actions:

  • Working closely with the Public Health Ambassadors Initiative Committee and a resolution pertaining to student holistic health
  • Helping create a shared governance council and serve on the Academic Integrity Committee and Director of Financial Aid Search Committee

Other Involvements:
Magis Emerging Leadership Program Mentor, Marketing Executive for USF Entrepreneur's Club

Junior Class Representative: Lovepreet Dhinsa 

"I want to support and advocate for juniors, which is extremely important now that we are all online. I want to create an inclusive community, where juniors can feel comfortable in sharing whatever they feel is important to change on campus. I want to be the bridge between administration and students to ensure that the needs of the junior class are being met. As such, I've been attending meetings with Boycott USF, Title IX, and now professor/faculty working spaces. I am also following up on a previous Native Plants resolution and working in collaboration with USF votes to promote civic engagement. 

Specific Actions: 

  • Working with/on Title IX bylaws and committees, collaboration with USF Votes, Title IX marketing strategies, career services checklist for juniors, accessibility to working spaces for faculty and staff, the Academic Integrity Committee, and curriculum committee.

Other Involvements:
Vice President of Mock Trial, HerCampus member

Senior Class Representative: Rebecca Muñoz

“I hope to foster a strong and transparent voice for the student body. With a school year as unprecedented as this upcoming one, I hope to offer more support to my constituents to not only guide them through this confusing time, but also amplify their voices even if they may feel silenced.”

Specific Actions:
"My first resolution is centered around the implementation of a CAPS employee or trained mental-health professional on-call in the dorms. I have already met with Barbara Thomas, the head of CAPS, and she is reaching out to her contacts within SHaRE.

My second resolution is to expand the CAPS referral information on all syllabi to include various mental health sources in the Bay Area that are accessible for all students.

My final resolution is the creation of an interactive mental health guide for faculty and staff.

I will also be reaching out to OMC to discuss how to develop the training and to a member of HR and the Faculty Union to find ways to best disseminate the training to faculty and staff. I am also going to meet with Angie from USFVotes this upcoming week, hopefully, to discuss a potential collaboration to promote voter engagement."

Other Involvement:
Finance and Operations Director for Hilltop Democrats and the Marketing and Communications Specialist for Mock Trial. Continuing volunteer work for NAMI SF

College of Arts and Science Representative: Holden Fatheree


  • Create an official method for students to have input on the curriculum. (Long term.)
  • Encourage students to attend events hosted by student organizations.
  • Stand up for my constituents. No one should feel discriminated against for their identity. Students should feel safe at USF and feel that they can trust the institution.

Specific Actions:

  • Working on an email to Shirley McGuire to arrange a meeting to discuss the curriculum as it is now and will need to find out what ways there are currently for students to influence the curriculum.
  • Constituents.
    • Ask questions to Senate speakers questions on behalf of constituents.
      • Investigate further when necessary.
      • Communicate info.
    •  Find out how I can improve myself to better serve constituents.

Other Involvement:

College Players, BOT Development Committee Student Rep.

School of Management Representative: Austin Downs

“Still in the midst of a Pandemic and trying to navigate University life through an online modality, students have more on their plate now than ever. As a senator, right now I am striving to make a positive impact on the student experience; especially pertaining to School of Management students. ”

Specific Actions:
- Met with Dean Moses (School of Management Interim Dean) and am in the early stages of collaborating with him–providing insights on materials he has asked me to look over.

Other Involvement:
Membership & Outreach Director for CAB, President of ISAP, Student Representative on the BOT Marketing Communications Steering Committee, SII, USF Marketing Club


Student of Color Representative: Emily Flores

"I want to pass resolutions that will bring comfort to my to my constituency group (long term). Short term, I want to form more connections with other offices and students because there's plenty of improvements we can be working on, and the more exposed to different experiences we are the better we can address certain issues."

Specific Actions:
Currently working on 3 resolutions:

  • Getting ethnic studies to be a core requirement.
  • Getting more money for the Magis Scholarship fund for DACA students
  • Finishing the Native Land Acknowledgment statement

Other Involvement:
MSP, Latinas Unidas, Boxing club, and works as a tutor for the Engage SF Literacy program


International Student Representative: Aditya Dixit

"Short Term Goals: to try and make sure that I am able to create virtual spaces that international students can come and interact to create a sense of foster and community with my Instagram account and through Senate.

Long Term Goals: My long term goals would be to try and create resources that international students can use and have them more tailored to our needs and requirement, also making sure the student community understands the need and importance of senate."

Specific Actions:

  • Working with ISA, SLE, ISSS and Career services to create an OPT and career workshop designed for international students.
  • Also established a scholarship fund with the help of the executive board for students who were impacted by the tax policy changes for on campus student remote workers.
  • Part of the ITS Board of Trustees Committee and is trying to bring about changes and improvements to our virtual learning environment.

Other Involvement:
Co tech lead of the DSC student club, president of the automotive club, also involved in trying to advocate for financial literary through articles.


Muslim Student Representative: Fiza Shaikh

*Joined in October

"I hope to raise cultural awareness as well as address and advocate for issues Muslim’s face. I will try my best to address students’ needs as well as bring light to their voices. I look forward to working with you all and making USF a more safe and welcoming place!"

Other Involvement:
MSP, Events Coordinator for MENA

University Budget Advisory Council Student Representative: Berkelee Jimenez

" I hope to build connections with students to fully advocate for the entire student body during UBAC and BOT finance committee meetings. I hope to have USF's budget and the planning process become more transparent to students as well as more accessible and easier to understand. I hope to implement more ways for students to get their questions and concerns our there before decisions are made rather than asking after decisions have been made. Maybe create education or info sessions for students to learn about the budget. Finally, I would like to increase communication and transparency between admin and students."

Specific Actions:
"I will be continuing to talk with students about their financial questions. I will continue to take what I hear from senators and their constituencies with me into my meetings. I will express concerns during UBAC meetings. I will gather materials accessible to me and collaborate with faculty on UBAC to create info for information sessions."

Other Involvement:
Community Empowerment Activist, Intern at Faith in Action, Stock Investment Club


ASUSF Listens
Have any questions or areas you would like to advocate for/collaborate on?
These can be directed towards your specific senator or the general senate.