GenAI: Guidelines for Academic Integrity

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GenAI use presents challenges to academic integrity in different ways, as have other emerging technologies in the past. Determining clear parameters for when and how students can employ GenAI tools at the course level is the first step toward the goal of academic integrity. Providing such guidelines also creates a space for an open discussion, which supports learning over all.

GenAI in My Classroom: What's the Risk?

Whether or not their use presents a threat to academic integrity depends on how they’re used in the learning environment. And while GenAI use may be addressed to some extent by USF’s Honor Code, it’s important that faculty become familiar with the tools and their applications to better determine clear criteria or student use specific to their course context. In late 2023, the days of simply running a paper through TurnitIn are past.

The range of GenAI tools fall into a variety of categories, from submitting text-based assignments to creating complex audio/visual art and 3D models. There are ways for effectively using it in the classroom, and while it may look different in every course and assignment, be realistic with your expectations.

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Syllabus Statement Addressing GenAI Use

To support academic integrity in your course, consider providing a GenAI syllabus statement in your course. Begin by connecting with your Associate Dean to review foundational guidelines fro GenAI at your school, department, and/or program levels. From there, frame guidelines to fit your specific course, addressing when and how students can use (or not use) GenAI tools. GenAI use is contextual and should align with your course’s learning processes and expectations for source attribution. And keep in mind, your guidelines may need to be flexible enough to address specific assignments, which allow for GenAI tools to be used differently than in most instances.

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Parameters for Using GenAI in Your Course

In your syllabus statement or for specific assignments, address parameters for GenAI use by providing:

  • A brief description of GenAI and associated tools.

    Although most students have a general grasp of GenAI or know the application ChatGPT, it's important to have a shared understanding of what GenAI entails specific to your course.

  • Clear guidelines for GenAI use, including limitations and consequences.

    While such expectations may not be completely enforceable, they will challenge students to use GenAI tools wisely.

Reference the links below for syllabus statement examples at the department and course level at USF: