Fall Health Fair Competition


We will have two competitions. One for student organizations and one for residence halls. Each will be given the chance to win $300. Directions below:

How to enter:

How to win:

  • The student organization or residence hall will promote the event to their respective constituents, friends, acquaintances, or residents and get them to attend our event on their behalf.
  • At the event on Sept 21, participants must fill out the Fall Health Fair Signup Form at the HPS Information Table. (Health fair volunteers from the student organizations will also be able to signup)

After the competition:

  • A week after the event, we will tally the names of the participants and their preferred student organization and/or residence hall.
  • We will notify the winners by email, and award each winner with $300 dollars and online status on the Fall Health Fair page.
  • We will also announce the winners on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @usfhps.

Please note: Health Promotion Services will transfer $300 to the winning student organization's campus account. These funds must be used within University policies, subject to approval by Student Leadership and Engagement. In addition, funds will be transfered to the residence halls, and must be used within University policies.