Fall Health Fair Competition

Congratulations Tri-Gamma Women's Nursing Society for winning our 2019 Fall Health Fair Competition.

How to Win (competition rules)

To win $250, student organizations will have to collect the following points. You must sign up below, so we know who is participating and points can be recorded for your student organization. 

Before the Event:

  • Earn 15 points for each social media post you promote to your student organization followers about the event before our event starts. Don't forget to tag us on instagram, twitter, or facebook @usfhps to get your points counted. 

On the day of the event:

Check-in at our student org table with your USF email address. One entry per person. 

  • Bring as many members as you can to participate in a group scavenger hunt. Each group will be given one questionnaire to complete at the event with 8 questions + bonus question. Earn 15 points for each question answered correctly. Earn 1 point for each student org member in the group.
  • All representatives traveling solo can still earn 1 point for their preferred student organization. These representatives don't have to be members, but they do have to check in. (Each health fair volunteer from a student organization will also be able to check in) 

After the competition

A week after the event, we will tally the points for all student organizations, notify the winners by email and make announcements on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @usfhps.

Sign Up Now

After you signup for your student organization, you will be given access to a welcome packet to help you earn your points.