Healthy Body Image

Every Spring semester, we celebrate loving yourself with positive body image during Healthy Body Image Awareness Week and provide resources on positive self-image. Take part this year from February 21st -February 27th.

Upcoming Events

Take care of your body with group fitness classes:

  • HPS Functional Movement Program: participate in an eight-week program where students will gain a deeper understanding of their body-mind connection through the practice of Pilates, starting February 22nd. Register Now!
  • Love your body with a group fitness class from Koret. Check out their schedule this week!

Attend these zoom workshops on February 23rd:

  • Body Image and Self-Compassion with CAPS from 11am-12pm via zoom. Register on CAPS Website
  • Love Your Body: Dismantling the Eurocentric Standard with HPS certified Peer Health Educators from 5:15pm-6pm. Register now!

Participate in our Social Media Campaign from February 21st-February 27th:

Take the Body Positive Pledge

Take the pledge to promote positive body image in yourself and others to counteract media’s potential influence on normalizing unrealistic body standards. Check off one or more pledges that you want to make.

Source: Get REAL! about Media and Body Image | NEDA and CSUN

I pledge to: