Body Acceptance Week

Join us for Body Acceptance Week and focus on accepting and appreciating the body you were born with from October 23rd to October 27th. 

Group of students smiling on lawn at Lone Mountain


  • Body Acceptance Massage Therapy | Oct. 23 from 12pm-2pm at UC 2nd Floor | Pick up resources and get a free 10-minute massage.
  • Pick up Positive Affirmation Cards | Oct. 23rd - Oct. 27 at Health Promotion Services office (UC 5th Floor)
  • Participate in our social media campaign on Instagram | Oct. 23 - Oct. 27 @usfhps and @donshelpingdons
  • Body Acceptance Tabling | Oct. 26 from 12pm-1pm at UC 2nd Floor | Meet with our Dons Helping Dons Ambassadors

Three Types of Body Acceptance

Check out these definitions provided by NEDA

Take the Body Acceptance Pledge

Submit this affirmation pledge to show your commitment to body acceptance for yourself and others! Body acceptance pledge was taken from NEDA.

Check each affirmation below and submit.