Rethinking Drinking Safety Fair

Alcohol Awareness Month is celebrated annually in the month of April. Every year, we plan an event that raises awareness of alcohol-related issues that affect college students and the community.

Event Details

Our Rethinking Drinking Safety Fair will take place on April 19th from 11:30am-1pm at University Center 1st Floor. Meet with USF offices and learn about responsible drinking tips and upstander (active bystander) behaviors that will keep you and our campus safe.

  • Non-alcoholic mocktail bar
  • Party Hosting 101
  • Mock sobriety tests
  • Alcohol impairment goggle activities
  • Photobooth
  • and much more!

Join us and REPS for Rethinking About Drinking Day: Happy Hour Edition on April 19th in Koret Lodge from 4PM - 6PM! This event aims to promote safe and healthy drinking both on and off campus while being inclusive of folks who do not drink, for any reason, or folks who have had past experiences of sexual misconduct. This will be an event for people who want a fun and carefree atmosphere without compromising safety and sobriety. We will have trivia, giveaways, and mocktail demonstrations in Koret Lodge to learn more about reimaging happy hour, safe consumption, and creating safer campus culture. Join us for some music, merriment, and fun. Open to ALL students. 

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According to the ACHA National College Health Assessment, a survey conducted in Fall 2015, USF students engage in many responsible drinking behaviors. Some of the findings:

  • 44% of USF males and 37% of USF females do not drink alcohol.
  • A majority of USF students use a buddy system.
  • A majority of USF students eat before or during drinking.
  • 99% of USF students do not drink and drive.