Alcohol Awareness Gameday

Alcohol Awareness Month is celebrated annually in the month of April. Every year, we develop an event program that raises awareness of alcohol-related issues that affect college students and the community.

On April 11, 2019, join us at Gleeson Plaza for a fun day of activities from 11am-1pm. If it rains, our tentative rain location will be on University Center 1st Floor.

Event Highlights

Curious how you act under the influence of alcohol without actually drinking? Want to know what it's like to be social without alcohol? Come to our Alcohol Awareness Gameday and put on various alcohol impairment goggles that stimulate the effects of alcohol.

Event details below:

  • Put on the impairment goggles and test your hand-eye coordination at one of four large sport inflatables.
  • Sip on drinks from our non-alcoholic bar.
  • Learn how to be an active bystander and pick up responsible drinking tips.
  • Get a mock sobriety test from a police officer.

Connect with various departments that keep our campus healthy and safe from problem drinking, such as Public Safety, Title IX Office, Student Conduct, EMRS, CAPS, Athletics, Koret, Dons Do Something About It, and yours truly.

To create anticipation, check out the HPS Album, and the SLE Album.


According to the ACHA National College Health Assessment, a survey conducted in Fall 2015, USF students engage in many responsible drinking behaviors. Some of the findings:

  • 44% of USF males and 37% of USF females do not drink alcohol.
  • A majority of USF students use a buddy system.
  • A majority of USF students eat before or during drinking.
  • 99% of USF students do not drink and drive.