ASUSF Senate Executive Board

Meet the 2018–19 ASUSF Senate Executive Board

There are five executive officers that make up the executive board of ASUSF Senate. We are here to serve you!

ASUSF President

Sage Hapke
B.A. Candidate | May 2020
Major: Critical Diversity Studies
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Pronouns: she/her or they/them

Sage Elle Hapke, ASUSF President for this academic year, is a first-generation, queer transgender student from Orange County, California. After graduating from Huntington Beach High School, Sage took a bridge year with Global Citizen Year and spent a year living with a host-family and helping out at a local public school in Azuay, Ecuador. Upon return, Sage took an internship in Berkeley preparing the next cohort of Global Citizen Fellows for departure, ultimately landing them at USF the next Fall. They will be entering their third year at USF as a major in Critical Diversity Studies with a double minor in Public Service & Community Engagement and Gender & Sexuality Studies. This will be Sage’s second year a part of ASUSF Senate, last year having held the position of the Gender & Sexual Diversity Student Representative. Sage has also been an active member of USF’s PRISM (formerly the Queer Alliance), USF Votes and the Leo T. McCarthy Center, and the Esther Madríz Diversity Scholars cohort. They have performed at Lyricist Lounge, spoken at various Cultural Center events, and were awarded the Esther Madríz Diversity Scholar of the Year award for 2018. Outside of the University of San Francisco, Sage continues advocating for queer and trans visibility–as well as various intersecting identities–in a variety of venues. They have published two collections of poetry and performed in various cafes and museums such as the Asian Art Museum. Sage has been a part of various community organizations in the Bay Area such as SF Rising, Bay Resistance, District 8 City Hall Office, and SF LUCA (Local Update of Census Addresses). After graduating from USF, Sage hopes to remain in the Bay Area and continue doing activism alongside other leaders around gender, racial, and sexual justice as well as go to graduate school.

ASUSF Vice President of Internal Affairs

Sabrina Shahani
B.S. Candidate | May 2019
Major: International Business
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Pronouns: she/hers/her

Get ready for bigger and better things! This is my second year as Vice President of Internal Affairs and have planned for many great things to come.  My free time consists of naps, reading books, and going to boujie workout classes in the city. After I graduate I aspire to be a basic Bay Area techie.

ASUSF Vice President of Finance

Marcus Aguilar
B.S. Candidate | May 2019
Major: Finance 
Hometown: Dix Hills, NY
Pronouns: he/him/his

Hello, my name is Marcus Aguilar you’re new VP of Finance. I’m going into my senior year and am excited to be in this position. I have a passion for finance and solving problems and I want to utilize my skill set to the best of my abilities while fulfilling this role. I’m looking forward to helping everyone out and meeting a bunch of new people as well

ASUSF Vice President of Public Relations

Sehaj Kasture
B.A. Candidate | May 2019
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Pune, India
Pronouns: she/her/hers

A transfer student in her second semester at USF, Sehaj eased into campus by joining Senate. Passionate about international easability on campus and a love for marketing, she plans to make Senate more transparent for the upcoming year to all of the USF population. In her free time, she likes to go to music festivals, and hop on a plane every chance she gets!  

ASUSF Vice President of Advocacy

Cilo Calles
B.A. Candidate | May 2019
Major: Sociology 
Hometown: Hayward, CA
Pronouns: he/him/his

Cilo is a current fourth-year Sociology major at USF. He is passionate about issues of social justice, especially those involving race, class, and education. Based on his own experiences, Cilo remains motivated to create positive social change. In his free time, he enjoys being creative or spending time with loved ones.