Summary of Findings

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A summary of interesting findings include:

  • The majority of patients referred for long-term mental health services are adolescent-aged females from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
  • The majority of the referrals to A Home Within noted their presenting issue as: relationships problems, depression / mood disorder, behavioral problems, and/ or anxiety; 65% of referees had a comorbidity of two mental health symptoms.
  • The average length of A Home Within treatment is 2.93 years (SD = 2.65)
  • Patients who completed treatment through A Home Within experience significant improvements in depression, anxiety, dissociative symptoms, sleep problems, eating problems, enuresis, schools problems, conduct problems, aggression/violence, peer relationship problems, problems in relationship with family of origin, problems in relationships with people in current living situation, and anger problems.
  • Youth in treatment in middle childhood (ages 5-10) with A Home Within experienced statistically significant improvements in peer relationships, anxiety, sleep, dissociation, aggression/violence, depression, and school functioning
  • Young children in treatment (ages 0-5) with A Home Within experienced improvements in depression, anxiety, dissociative symptoms, self-injurious behavior, sleep problems, enuresis, school problems, conduct problems, sexualized behavior, and aggression