ASUSF Funded Accounts

Allocated Funds and ASUSF Accounts

The ASUSF Funded Account organizations host events and provided services which strengthen student life across the USF campus. Funded Accounts are funded by the ASUSF Student Activity Fee.

ASUSF Funded Accounts

ASUSF Funded Accounts are student organizations that have petitioned the ASUSF Senate to be considered for consistent annual funding from the annual ASUSF Operating Budget. Many ASUSF Funded Account officer positions are paid positions and offer exciting leadership opportunities to students.
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Allocated Funding

ASUSF College Players
ASUSF College Players is oldest student run theater group west of the Mississippi. College Players strives to be an outlet for original student created work which supports the University's mission to create a more humane and just world.
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ASUSF Greek Council
ASUSF Greek Council aids in the development of the social fraternities and sororities and their members. Greek Council strives to build academic excellence, active participation in community service, and the enhancement of brotherhood/sisterhood.
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ASUSF Senate
ASUSF Senate is the undergraduate student government organization that advocates for student voices to be heard and carried forward in order to inspire progress and promote positive change in the USF community.
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ASUSF Voices
ASUSF Voices is comprised of a group of choirs on campus, which gives students the opportunity who enjoy singing to participate in performances. The main choir, Voices, is a non-audition choir. The sub groups require auditions.
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Campus Activities Board (CAB)
Campus Activities Board is the event programming organization that coordinates large-scale campus events. The events are planned by students. CAB has a Street Team of general student members who assist in the planning and execution of each event.
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Culturally-Focused Clubs Council (CFCC)
Culturally-Focused Clubs Council is a council of representatives from several culturally-focused club. They are designed for intergroup communication, collaboration, leadership development, cultural competency, and ally-building training.
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Fog Squad
Fog Squad is USF's student spirit organization that encourages students to participate in activities and events while upholding the mission of our Jesuit institution. They enrich the college experience of USF students and to promote Dons spirit.
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Graphics Center
Graphics Center strives to enhance the awareness of events on campus through designed promotional materials. Their services are free to all ASUSF clubs. Design services are also available to USF departments and outside organizations for a fee.
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San Francisco Foghorn
San Francisco Foghorn is the student newspaper of USF that aims to inform the university community about important USF issues. In its coverage, the Foghorn reports on events and happenings to help students understand the university community.
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USFtv aims to serve the USF community in representing the student voice, providing entertainment, and reporting on USF related news. USFtv also acts as an avenue for USF video production and marketing students to gain field experience.
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