ASUSF Internal Development Funding

Apply for ASUSF Internal Development Funding

ASUSF Internal Development Funding Purpose: Allows all eligible undergraduate student organizations (USOs) the resources to advance the internal development of their organization through organization branding, apparel, and supplies. Organizations CANNOT profit from internal development items.

The total amount allocated to ASUSF Internal Development Funding for 2024-25 is $7,000. 


Any undergraduate student organization registered with SLE. Organizations shall be in good standing and in compliance with all USF, SLE, and ASUSF rules and regulations.

Award Limits

Student Organizations will be approved up to one (1) award per semester. Funding will not be awarded for expenses already incurred.

Funding Parameters

Items Typically Funded: apparel items (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.), marketing materials (retractable banner, table linens, etc.), promotional items (stickers, pens, buttons, etc.), and office or general supplies.

  • A minimum contribution of 30% of the organization development costs (per organization) is expected
  • A maximum of $22 per item will be awarded (per member)
    • Logo on apparel items cannot include the USF name, abbreviation, logo, or insignia
    • Roster will be required for apparel items purchased for members

Items Not Funded:

  • Stoles will not be funded
  • Executive board only apparel

All new organizations (recognized within the last calendar year) will be considered for one awarded internal development request that will have no organization contribution required.


Application Deadline

All applications shall be submitted to Finance Committee at least four (4) academic weeks prior to the date needed for requests up to $5,000. Requests submitted less than four (4) academic weeks prior will not be considered.

No request will be processed without a roster at the time of submission.

Application Review

The Finance Committee will deliberate on all applications, which shall include a detailed budget using the ASUSF Funding Template (see below), an artwork proof of all proposed items, and a detailed description of how the items will contribute to the development of the organization.

Funding may be approved for items needed the following academic year. No retroactive requests for access of this funding will be considered.

The funding process takes up to two weeks to receive a decision and purchasing and arrival of items can take an additional three weeks; please plan your requested funding accordingly. 


2024-25 ASUSF Funding Budget Template to be available at a later date

2024-25 ASUSF Funding Application