Public Health

Welcome to the online advising and registration tutorial for public health. Please watch the following videos to understand your graduation and major requirements, and which placement tests to take.  After watching the advising and registration tutorials, complete the Class Registration Quiz in the Academics at USF section of Next Steps. After you complete the Class Registration Quiz, you will be cleared for registration.

Within the Core Curriculum, there is one area we need to review in more detail: CORE A2 Rhetoric and Composition

To complete the Core A2 Rhetoric and Composition requirement, we need to determine which rhetoric and composition course or courses you will be taking.  You will need to complete the Directed Self Placement (DSP) which is a self-assessment and takes between 1–2 hours to complete. First, make sure you have created a myUSF account. Then:

  • Log in to myUSF
  • On your main dashboard, click the square button that says "Canvas" OR the "Canvas Link" as shown below.



  • Click on "Dashboard" in Canvas, and you should see the Directed Self Placement. If you do not see the DSP, please email with your 8 digit student ID number.

canvas dashboard

  • Follow the directions within the Directed Self Placement

When you complete the DSP, you'll be instructed to choose which Rhetoric course to register for. 

If you choose RHET 120, you may enroll in this course directly. Completion of RHET 120 fulfills your Core A2 requirement. Please note that RHET 120 is an advanced course designed for students with some prior experience and capability in college-level writing, reading, and research.

If you choose RHET 195 or 110, you must also complete RHET 120 (or other selected equivalent course options carrying A2 credit). RHET 120 (or an equivalent course) fulfills your Core A2 requirement.  Please note that some sections of RHET 195 are Public Speaking courses carrying core A1 credit.  These Public Speaking versions of RHET 195 do NOT count as prerequisites to RHET 120. If you choose RHET 106 or RHET 110 in DSP and take a RHET 195 that carries Core A1 credit, you must still pass a writing course (RHET 110) in order to take RHET 120 or its equivalents.

If you choose RHET 106, you must also complete RHET 110 and RHET 120 (or other selected equivalent course options carrying A2 credit).  RHET 120 (or an equivalent course) fulfills your Core A2 requirement. 

Transfer students: Many transfer students will take core A2 classes such as RHET 250 or 295, or a specialized writing course designed for certain majors. Some transfer students choose to start with RHET 110 and then take RHET 120 (or an equivalent course).  Your writing requirement is fulfilled upon successful completion of any Core A2 class.

Public Health Major Requirements »

This video will explain which classes to register for:

NOTE: You are advised to register for the Biology support course BIOL 115/116 Human Physiology (115) and the Human Physiology Lab (116) in your first semester. BIOL 115/116 must be taken together. You cannot take BIOL 115 if you do not also register for BIOL 116. 

However, if you are pre-med or pre-health, you will need to sign up for BIO 105/105L General Biology I (105) and the General Biology I Lab (105L), instead of BIOL 115/116. BIOL 105/105L must be taken together. You cannot take BIO 105 if you do not also register for BIO 105L.

If these classes are full, you may elect to take RHET 111 Public Speaking for the Health Professions in the Fall and take your biology course during spring.

As a Public Health major you should take the following placement tests:

Directed Self Placement Course (to determine which rhetoric and composition course to take)

Math Placement Test (if you did not submit a math SAT score of 500 or higher or a math ACT score of 19 or higher).

Access the Placement Tests webpage to get more information and to take the tests.

Here are some additional informational videos we recommend you watch.  They will provide more information and help you with the registration process.