Baseball Club

Club BaseballThe USF Club Baseball team is a great opportunity for those looking to have some fun and play intercollegiate baseball. We are looking forward to competing in the NCBA Pacific Region North Conference League this Spring 2024!  We competed against top clubs in the Bay Area including Stanford and Sacramento State, and came in 2nd place overall in Spring 2019.

The club currently practices at Benedetti Diamond.  Games are held on weekends and transportation is provided as well.  To connect with the Club Baseball Officers please email

Coach: James Burke

USF Student Testimonials:

“The best part about my Club is the team dynamic. Over the years, the team has grown in many ways in that we are a strong unit and function well together.  The Baseball Club is filled with a positive minded bunch of guys and an even better coach, who keeps us in line so we can both have fun and win as many games as possible. 

Again, I highly encourage y'all to join the Baseball Club.  I think it is a great bonding experience for people of all talents and is worth investing your money in.  Each year we are diligently searching for ways to improve and reach out to more and more colleges to play games with.” - Aidan Patterson [USF Graduate]

How to get involved and submit participation dues

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