Men's Volleyball Club

Club Men's Volleyball has been more and more competitive over the last few seasons, including a Bronze Bracket win in Division 2 at NCVF Nationals in 2023.  They are looking forward to improving every year and becoming more competitive in the Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League, where they compete in the Division 2 South division with other Northern California universities.  To join the Club, the team holds tryouts at the start of every fall semester. The typical season consists of practices and scrimmages in the fall and a full season in the spring, with both home and away games, as well as tournament play, including NCVF Nationals.

To connect with the Club Men's Volleyball Officers please email

Head Coach: Sifa Faaiu

USF Student Testimonials:

“The best part about my Club is my teammates.  We pushed ourselves and each other to be the best and this really gives me a drive and sense of brotherhood.  My favorite Club Sport memory is definitely just being at practice with everyone, seeing everyone growing together as a team and as friends.

Club sports is a way to get away from the stress that school can bring.  If I could give advice to future Club Sports participants I would say do not be afraid to try new things, we have had people join who were unsure about their skills, but watching them grow throughout the season is one of the best things to see as a teammate.” - Jason Erdenebaatar [USF Student]

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