Tennis Club

There are many ways in which USF students, faculty, and staff members can engage in on-campus tennis instruction and participation. 

Students (both undergraduate and graduate) can join the USF Tennis Club, which is a recreational club on campus. The club team will have organized/coached practices in both the fall and spring seasons and engage in a handful of select team events/local tournaments. Some experience playing tennis is recommended, but not required. Participants must have their own racquet. Marginal dues are associated with participation and involvement in this club/coached sport to cover the costs of other equipment/uniforms/travel/coaching etc. Unless otherwise noted practices take place at the 2 court complex up on Lone Mountain.

Club members are encouraged to attend competitions and support our men’s and women’s varsity teams at NCAA Division 1 events, as well as, “The Battle in the Bay Classic”, a major intercollegiate event sponsored by our Athletic Department & USF Tennis Teams, held every October.

Head Coach: Sean Dizon

Getting Involved

The best way to get involved is to show up to practice. We suggest arriving early so that you can introduce yourself to the coach and current members. All levels of experience are welcome.  Please contact the Recreational Sports Department at with any questions. 

Participation Dues

Dues are the annual cost to participate in a Sport Club at USF. Dues will not be prorated for participants that are joining late. The Recreational Sports Department supports an open enrollment policy throughout the academic year.

Please review instructions on activating your student account to pay participation dues.