Tennis Club

There are many ways in which USF students, faculty, and staff members can engage in on-campus tennis instruction and participation. 

Students (both undergraduate and graduate) can join the USF Tennis Club, which is a recreational club on campus. The club team will have organized/coached practices in both the fall and spring seasons and engage in a handful of select team events/local tournaments. Some experience playing tennis is recommended, but not required. Participants must have their own racquet. Marginal dues are associated with participation and involvement in this club/coached sport to cover the costs of other equipment/uniforms/travel/coaching etc. Unless otherwise noted practices take place at the 2 court complex up on Lone Mountain.

Club members are encouraged to attend competitions and support our men’s and women’s varsity teams at NCAA Division 1 events, as well as, “The Battle in the Bay Classic”, a major intercollegiate event sponsored by our Athletic Department & USF Tennis Teams, held every October.

Head Coach: Sean Dizon

How to get involved and submit participation dues.