Swim Club

The USF Swim Club, a semi-competitive club on campus, practices alongside our Master's Swim Club.  All participants are encouraged to participate in a least two Master's Swim Meets annually, one of which USF hosts in February. 

The Club separates practice lanes based on how competitive you are and provides opportunities for recreational and competitive participation.  Each lane has a swim set that is scaled to the swimmers’ level focusing on technique and strength. 

While swimming is mostly an individual sport, there are a number of meets throughout the year that students have the chance to participate in and an opportunity to go to Nationals if there are qualifying times.  Throughout the year they continue to build community amongst its members.

To connect with the Club Swim Officers please email jyjavier@usfca.edu.

USF Student Testimonials:

“I joined my Club Sport because I loved swimming in high school and I didn't want my passion to stop when I went to USF.  The best part about my club is getting to use USF's amazing pool and have it all to ourselves during practice times.  My favorite Club Sport memory is going to the UC Berkeley swim meet with my team and seeing everyone crush the competition. It was so much fun spending the whole day swimming in a new pool arena and seeing our coach proud of our times we worked so hard to achieve throughout the year.” - Sky Berry-Weiss [President] 


How to get involved and submit participation dues.