Contemporary Dance Club

The Contemporary Dance Club, also known as Vitality Dance SF, is a recreational club that provides an opportunity for individuals to explore, create, and learn contemporary dance. While it is a contemporary dance club, Vitality delves into different styles of dance ranging from lyrical to jazz. Vitality aims to foster a space for those who share the love of dance in order to not only cultivate their skills but to also find a home in being able to share and express themselves through dance.

Currently, Vitality holds workshops, open to all levels, every week. Vitality performs year-round at USF campus events. During the spring semester, they host their annual production, Illuminate, showcasing team members performing choreography produced over the course of the year.

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USF Student Testimonials:

“Vitality is a group of students that love to dance and are welcoming of all levels of dancers.  As a club we work really hard but we also want to make memories and allow new members to feel welcome and excited to join!  The best part about my Club is the friendships. The friends I have made in Vitality are friends I know will be there for me well beyond college.

I joined my Club Sport because I wanted to continue dance in college and I wanted to find a community where I can do what I love and make new friends.  My favorite Club Sport memory is taking my very first class with Vitality and experiencing the kindness and support in the room.” - Sammy Bruce [USF Graduate]

How to get involved and submit participation dues