Karate Club

The USF Karate Club, a recreational club on campus, trains in Shotokan karate.  The club is a fun, non-competitive group of all class years.  Beginners are especially welcome at any time – no experience required.  Karate is a great way to stay fit, release stress, learn self defense, and study martial arts culture.  Instruction emphasizes drawing out, then maximizing the “super powers” you already have hidden within yourself.  Students of karate increase their self confidence and become stronger internally to help them surmount everyday obstacles outside the dojo, such as in school or career.  

The club is not just training.  We have regular social activities – restaurant trips, guest speakers on career tracks in areas such as law, tech, and medical fields, and an occasional bowling or beach trip.  Club members help each other with their studies too.

Shotokan karate is distinguished from other martial arts by its simplicity, linearity, and strength of its punches, blocks, and kicks. The USF club is a member of the JKA (the Japan Karate Association), the organization that spread karate all over the world.  With your training and rank, you can visit and train at hundreds of karate schools all over the world. 

For more information about the Shotokan style please visit Shotokan Karate.

To connect with the Club Karate Officers please email clubsports@usfca.edu.

Sensei: Mark Morodomi

How to get involved and submit participation dues