Men's Rugby Club

NSCRO DII Challengers Cup, Pacific Region

  • 2015 2nd Place
  • 2016 2nd Place
  • 2017 2nd Place

That makes three years straight that USF Men's Rugby has reached the Elite 8.  The competitive USF Men's Rugby Club has continued to pursue excellence through tradition and hard work.  The sport of rugby combines the physicality of American football, the stamina of soccer, and the coordination of basketball to create the ultimate sport. With fifteen players on the field, there’s a position for all body types, both big and small. If you enjoy a full contact sport or are looking to try something new, then USF Rugby is a good place to start.

The USF Men's Rugby Club participates in the Northern California Men's College Division II, governed by the National Small College Rugby Organization. The typical season consists of practices and scrimmages in the fall and league play in the spring. Currently USF competes against Cal Maritime Academy, CSU Monterey Bay, Humboldt State, Santa Rosa JC, Sierra Foothills College, Sonoma State and the University of the Pacific.

To connect with the Club Officers please email

Head Coach: Jon Spear

How to get involved and submit participation dues.