Men's Soccer Club

If you love to play soccer and are seeking a competitive outlet, come out and join the USF Men’s Soccer Club, one of our competitive club sports on campus! This past school year the Club has grown significantly and is on track to being even more successful this year!

The USF Club Men’s Soccer team participates year round in the Pacific Division II of the West Coast Soccer Association against San Jose State, Cal Poly, UC Berkeley, and more. The club plays a home and away schedule each semester!

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Head Coach: Sergio Escoto

2019 Coach of the Year - Sergio has transformed Club Men's Soccer throughout his time at USF and has undoubtedly shown commitment to the program. Not only is he a role model on and off the field, but he cares for the students like they are his own family. His dedication, heart and passion for the sport is what makes him an incredible coach. The time and support he gives to the students in and outside of practice doesn't go unnoticed and the culture he creates is life changing. Not only do the students look up to him, but they feel his support has been extremely valuable to their success in college!

USF Student Testimonials:

“I joined my Club Sport because I’ve played soccer my whole life at a club level and I felt I needed a place to continue my passion. My favorite Club Sport memory is traveling to San Diego for my sophomore tournament with the club team. The seemingly-endless bus ride from SF to SD made for a perfect opportunity to get to know newly-arrived freshman players, joke around with our coach, or play party games with the whole team. In hindsight, this intense period of team interaction and bonding was crucial to the success we saw later in the season.” - Sevag Halajian [Former USF Student]

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