Boxing Club

USIBA National Champions

  • 2013 Adrianna Boursalian, Connor Morgan, Nargis Shaghasi
  • 2014 Akira Chin, Ian Peterson, Nargis Shaghasi
  • 2015 Akira Chin, Leonid Gutarov
  • 2016 Daniel Vizconte
  • 2017 Jason Mai

Rival in the Ring Champion

  • 2019 Jason Mai

The USF Boxing Club is both a recreational and competitive club that was formed in 1997 and dedicates itself to the development of fundamental boxing skills and physical conditioning.  Since its inception, the Boxing Club has produced many outstanding boxers, winning at local invitationals, Golden Gloves and National Championships.  Hosting the 2013 USIBA National Championships at USF marked an important moment in collegiate boxing history.  USIBA was the first collegiate boxing organization to provide a National Championship opportunity for both men and women.

USF boxing is considered a national powerhouse.  The club has had multiple Golden Gloves champions as well as regional title and national championship winners.  The club has a diverse membership including regional, national, and international students.  We welcome students of all levels to join the club!

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Head Coach: Armand Bartolome

​USF Student Testimonials:
“Club Boxing has been one of the best things I have ever been a part of in my entire life. Because of it, boxing has become a part of my identity.  Some would go so far as to call it a personality trait of mine. I joined my Club Sport because boxing is my passion. I grew up watching Manny Pacquiao. It was inspiring. My favorite memories have been the times we've traveled for a competition. I especially enjoyed the trip to Los Angeles where we bonded over Korean tacos. The best part about my Club is the sense of family that we have developed over the countless hours. We work together, fight together, and laugh together. If I could give advice to future Club Sports participants I would say always compete with yourself.” - Angelo Malicse [USF Graduate]

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