Women's Soccer Club

Join USF Women's Soccer Club! If you love to play soccer and are seeking a competitive outlet, come out and join the USF Women's Soccer Club, one of our competitive clubs here on campus!

Our Team: The USF Women's Soccer Club participates year round in the North Division II of the West Coast Soccer Association against Sonoma State, San Jose State, St. Mary's and more. Each semester the club will play a series of home and away matches. Participants must pay USF Club dues and WCSA Conference dues.

To connect with the Club Women’s Soccer Officers please email clubsports@usfca.edu.

Head Coach: Natalie Macias

USF Student Testimonials:

“As a transfer student living off campus, I was nervous about making friends when I came to USF.  Joining the Women's Club Soccer Team was the best decision I made, it really helped me feel like a part of the USF community.  I'm so thankful that playing soccer once again introduced me to some of my best friends.  The best part about my Club is the camaraderie! No matter the outcome of the game, I always walk off the field proud of how hard we worked and with a heightened appreciation for how talented my teammates are.” - Blake Dailor [USF Graduate]

How to get involved and submit participation dues

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