Hip Hop Dance Club

The purpose of the Club Hip-Hop Dance team, a recreational club known as VarCity SF, is to harness the art of dance. Journeying growth and experience, individuals are challenged with guidance from peers on their pursuit of passion and character growth. VarCity SF creates a home for dancers to freely self-express, in hopes to establish strong senses of integrity in the family and in teamwork. Constantly drawing inspiration from the ever-growing bay area culture, VarCity SF aims for nothing less than to achieve greater goals.

Currently, VarCity SF performs year round at USF campus events, and every Spring hosts their annual Homecoming Show with more than 200 spectators!  They also host workshops year round for anyone interested in dancing for fun!

To connect with the Club Hip-Hop Officers please email clubsports@usfca.edu.

How to get involved and submit participation dues

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