Women's Basketball Club

The purpose of the USF Women’s Club Basketball team is to create a safe and empowering environment for women. This Club is dedicated to providing a welcoming space for players to freely express themselves, fostering integrity within the team, and promoting teamwork. Collectively, individuals with a passion for basketball make this Club unique in that it encourages positivity and a united community at USF.

Currently, the team competes year-round around the Bay Area and hosts their annual 3v3 Basketball Tournament. Home games increase community engagement from the high-morale spectators' support for the team. The presence of spectators at basketball games is what makes the games fun and helps grow the fan base for women's sports.

The future of women's basketball hopes to build upon this mission statement and extend our work to encourage any students interested in basketball of all levels to join us and play.

To connect with the Club Women’s Basketball Officers please email clubsports@usfca.edu.